UTS HR Group have successfully contributed to another major recruitment project for nurses. Below is the video summary of Ireland’s largest and newest Emergency Department and an outline of the recruitment, relocation and establishment project undertaken by UTS to recruit 30 nurses.

ED Recruitment, Relocation & Establishment Project

UHLG is a major acute university teaching hospital group (Health Services Executive), consisting of 6 hospitals in Mid-West Ireland. The group serves a population of 400,000 people and operates as a single hospital system with a workforce in excess of 3,000 healthcare professionals. The emergency department is officially the busiest emergency department in all of Ireland.

On the 29th May 2017 they opened Ireland’s largest and most advanced emergency department (ED) following a €24 million project, the ED spans 3,850 square metres of floor space, over three times the size of the old department. In 2016, UHLG had the busiest ED in the country, with over 64,000 attendances. You can read more information on this new emergency department from the Health Service Executive official press release: – New Era for Unscheduled Care as €24m Emergency Department Opens at UHL

UHLG senior management met with UTS HR Group (UTS) in early February 2017 to discuss their concerns with nursing recruitment for the new emergency department which had a scheduled opening date for 29th May 2017. They needed 30 ED nurses to successfully open the Department. We immediately commenced the recruitment, relocation and establishment project to achieve this target within the time frame set out, all nurses on the ground by end of April 2017.

In addition to the recruitment UHLG also availed of our relocation and establishment services. So we recruited the nurses and comprehensively relocated and established them, with NMBI registrations, flights, accommodation, airport greeting, transport to Limerick, bank account openings, registration for social services (PPS) and revenue pay as you earn certificates and all compliance paperwork.

We are delighted to say we 100% delivered the project goals and that the new emergency department opened as planned on the 29th May 2017. This successful recruitment project happened because UTS has an experienced and dedicated team of professional recruitment, human resource and project managers who immediately put in place a clear project plan and worked against the delivery of each milestone in partnership with the local management team.

UHLG further tasked UTS to recruit two dozen nurses across PICU, NICU, Theatre, ICI, Paediatrics, Dialysis and General Surgery and Medicine, we fully delivered this project and within 8 weeks all the nurses had commenced their employment. Further UHLG have advised that from these nurses they can see that several have Clinical Nurse Management potential.

Important Considerations For Recruitment Managers

Before engaging or renewing a recruitment agency provider all employers should ask “is my recruitment agency fully committed to my needs or is it preoccupied with closing as much business across many healthcare clients as possible”, making your needs pale into the background of their many other clients.

If an agency is recruiting for many clients then it is diluting the availability of nurse candidates to any one client, unless it is biasing certain clients over others. This reduces both the quantity and quality of the nurses being made available to you for interview, as the recruiter is over reaching itself for maximum commercial reasons.

This is NOT in the interest of the client and leads to unsustainable recruitment practices, in some cases the nurses exiting your organisation may be leaving to take up positions being advertised and offered through the same agency recruiting inwards your nursing staff to replace those its taking out. Some agencies have multiple brands, so one brand may be recruiting out your nursing staff, whilst another brand is recruiting inwards replacement nurses. You should establish if your agency is part of a bigger group of recruitment company brands. You should also audit this area very carefully and have a conversation with your recruitment agency to see if it is part of a larger group and if other brands in that group are placing outwards your nursing staff, whilst at the same time recruiting inwards nursing staff to replace them, you should also ask them how many other healthcare organisations in your sector are they currently recruiting for.

HR should ask in their nurse exit interviews “what agency did you secure your new employment opportunity from” at the time of reference requests, this will assure or confirm if your agency or another brand in its parent group is practicing unsustainable recruitment techniques. REMEMBER – You need to be sure your recruitment agency is working exclusively for you and has your interests in mind at all times. Otherwise the money you are spending is not representing value for money for the tax payer and Exchequer.

UTS project manages only two assignments at any one time, this means we can provide 100% commitment to our clients. We never recruit outwards from clients and we give a 6 month replacement guarantee on all placements. This is how we delivered the results for UHLG in a very short time space that other recruitment agencies could not.

About UTS HR Group

We are an independent and bespoke recruitment and HR services provider, licensed by the Irish Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation (DJEI). We are registered members of the National Recruitment Federation (NRF) and chartered fellow members of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). UTS is lead by a very ethical and experienced management team who have excellent Healthcare, Recruitment, HR and Project Management knowledge and insights. For more information please contact UTS HR Group Telephone: 00353 1 477 3945 or Email: info@utshrgroup.com