HR standards are value adding business improvement tools that can be independently certified and publicly acknowledged to employees, clients and prospective employees your commitment to service excellence and human resource development. They are vastly richer than simple HR surveys, genuinely contributing to the building of great workplaces and provide a multitude of quality benefits to business excellence, employee engagement and retention.


UTS works with Healthcare clients to ensure their human resource systems are fully optimized to attract, develop and retain key staff and to achieve accredited recognition from national and international standards bodies. These HR quality management standards assist clients to:

  • Put the right human resource systems in place to maximize employee contribution
  • Aligning people practices with the goals of the client organisation
  • Maximizing the return on investment in human resource management
  • Continuously develop and motivate employees
  • Support high levels of workforce engagement and employee relations
  • Substantially increase employee satisfaction and retention levels

UTS has extensive in-depth HR quality management knowledge to evaluate client organisations and to cost effectively recommend and implement optimum HR practices against best in class recognized national and international HR standards. For more information on how we can assist you please contact us.