If you are an EU Registered Nurse considering working in Ireland or the UK then this information page may be useful for you.

Pay Differentials 

The Registered Nurse equivalent grades for Ireland and the United Kingdom are Staff Nurse and Band 5 Staff Nurse respectively. This table shows the NHS UK Band 5 Grade (Gross/Net) and Irish HSE Staff Nurse Grade equivalent (Gross/Net), as you can see the Irish staff nurse grade has more increments and higher value increments. The table is concerned only with the basic salaries for each post, we did not include allowances, shift premiums, over time rates etc. We applied pay calculators to the basic salary rates, excluding deductions for pension/superannuation from both grades for equity, and we then converted the exchange rate differences between GBP and EURO. In the UK the increment points go from point 1 to 8, in Ireland the increment points go to 12 plus a long service increment after 3 years. For the later points we used the maximum UK band 5 point 8 (as there is no higher) across the Irish staff nurse grade points 9, 10, 11, 12 and LSI points for comparison.

Grade123456789101112Long Service Increment
IE Differential +4,116+5,130+5,187+5,533+5,533+5,529+4,460+5,300+5,950+6,597+7,245+7,881+8,557
IE€ Staff Nurse Gross28483304973153732,71034,18935,66637,13738,40839,68340,95242,22243,46944,800
IE€ Staff Nurse Net24,23225,66226,40127,23428,20628,95928,68930,35831,00831,65532,30332,93933,618
GBP£ Band 5 Gross 22,12822,68323,59724,54725,55126,56527,63528,74628,74628,74628,74628,74628,746
GBP£ Band 5 Net18,32618,70419,32519,97120,65421,34322,07122,82622,82622,82622,82622,82622,826
FX GBP£/EURO€20,11620,53221,21421,92322,67323,43024,22925,05825,05825,05825,05825,05825,058

FX Rate – £1GBP = €1.09780Euro  (source XE.Com 11.09.17)/Rounding was applied to all cent/pence values.

You can see in Ireland a considerable positive salary differential across all increment points occurs, at its lowest it is €4,116 and its highest it is €8,557 more than the NHS Band 5 Grades. Though it should be noted that the average NMC registered staff nurse basic salary at present is £25,653 or €28,246.

Other Key Differences 

If you are trained outside the UK the NMC requires an Academic IELTS test to apply to become a registered nurse in the UK, applicants must achieve a 7.0 IELTS score in reading, writing, listening and speaking elements, with a 7.0 score overall. The NMBI applies the same rules for Ireland but only to nurses trained outside the EU. Though this is currently being reviewed by the NMBI. Another important point is that some EU citizens do not have an automatic right to work in the UK (e.g. Croatian citizens), whereas in Ireland all EU citizens can work.

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